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Spending Smart

The #TRUTH is, money makes us all crazy at times... Would you like to learn how to spend smarter, live smarter and prepare for your future? If so, click here...

Ending Smart

Ever thought of what would happen if you left the Earth today? Would you leave your family in debt? How much money would you need to have saved to make sure that does not happen? Not sure? Then you should see this...

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Put your hard-earned money back inside your wallet or purse. Before you spend another dollar, you need to understand why you behave the way you do with your money. 

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To calculate your beneficiary's future financial needs we determine the amount of income that would need to be replaced, and the impact of one-time expenses like the settlement of a mortgage or paying for college education. Formally this process is called a "Needs Assessment Analysis.”


It's not really about how much life insurance you need. It's how much money your family will need after you're gone. When you're buying a life insurance policy, it's important to choose the right amount of coverage. You don't want to have too much − and pay for protection you don't need. Neither do you want to have too little − and leave your loved ones under protected.


Debt Reduction

Traditional methods of paying off debt don't offer any advantages beyond reduced debt. Your money slowly pays down the debt, but it dosen't earn you any return at all. Shouldn't you get the most efficient use out of your money? Click here to learn how...

Money Tudor

Apexx Behavioral Solutions CEO, Ted McLyman, presents a compelling story about how behavior drives money decisions and that the common wisdom about personal finance is wrong. Humans are not wired to work well with money. The behaviors that kept us alive in the forest can kill us at the mall.

Facts of Life

86% say they haven't bought life insurance because it's too expensive, yet overestimate its true cost by more than 2x. View current estimated pricing here, $250,000 plans starting at $16.50 per month!

Why money makes us ALL crazy

  • Money decisions are always emotional.
  • Everyone has a unique money temperament.
  • Money strategies should match our money temperament.
  • The old financial industry is all about products--features and benefits.
  • The new financial industry is all about behavior--temperament and strategy.
  • Know your money temperament and manage your behavior to create wealth.

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